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Jessica has been creating ever since she was little, loving art and writing. She continued her exploration throughout her schooling experience; art classes were always her top pick for elective classes. Jessica took creative writing and AP Studio Art in high school before continuing her education, earning a Bachelor degree in Fine Arts and Master degree in Art Education.

She's worked with all levels of school children at a wide variety of schools, starting with preschool and going up to high school. She's led art clubs and taught after school lessons. Jessica is incredibly passionate about art, creativity, and free expression. She hopes to one day open a creative space for anyone and everyone to come create in.

She's currently enrolled in Chris Luck's amazing AMBSDR program! If you want to learn how to become a brand ambassador and make passive income online by writing about what you love, check out this awesome program! It'll teach you all you need to know and then some!

With the guidance of her phenomenal mentor, Chris Luck, she's grown so much as a writer and entreprenuer. She's learned a lot about SEO and has even earned her certification!

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