Life is full of lessons
Plenty of opportunities to learn
The past can guide you with clear intentions
However, history is something you must discern

If ignored, history shall repeat
It can be a vicious cycle if let be
Mistake once made and even defeat
Keep an open mind and eyes to see

History is just that—that is “his story”
Recognize the nature of this tale
Often written by the victory emphasizing their glory
Consider the big picture and what others’ stories entail

Yes, it can hold bias and skewed versions of the truth
But today’s perceptions grew from those held in the past
Understanding the intricacies, we must then sleuth
To understand this perspective that’s been collectively amassed

We don’t have the full story, much like generations that came before
But, even so, we must piece it all together
Building our understanding to see what the future has in store
Like those before us, we can succeed regardless of weather

We must not stick blindly to our beliefs, clogging up our ears
Keep an open heart and mind to change
Continuing our growth, we have no need to fear
Our understanding will always adjust and then rearrange

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