Desperately clinging to ways of old
That vital spark then grows cold
Gripping, ever-tight, dead leaves in fright
Not seeing any of the potential delight
By feigning your content
You’re then blinded to what is meant

While the future’s course remains yet hidden
Countless gifts await to be given
But your mind, heart, and life are too full
With way too many things grown dull
There is no room for new
And all life has in store for you

Why can’t you open your eyes and see
All that your life can simply be?
Why clutch onto dry, withered leaves
When such an action so clearly deceives?
Familiar as these leaves may be
You are truly meant to be free

Why cling so desperately to that which no longer serves?
That which is dead weight needs to undergo purge
Hanging onto these dead leaves is nothing but a chore
Why settle for a life consisting of things that bore?
It may have served a purpose once before,
But know that you are meant for so much more

Trees are familiar with the cycle of season
They recognize clinging to dead leaves is far beyond reason
Old leaves, they let go
In order for new life to grow
Recognizing the release of old is no reason to fret
The return of spring is something trees never forget

You can linger and cling to ways of old
But that will only cause you to miss out on new things of gold
Life is a marvelous thing to behold
With exciting, new chapters awaiting to unfold
Living a life full of meaning is important above all
Please, just let those old leaves finally fall

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