If you're looking for the best art supplies for drawing and coloring, look no further!

Oil-based colored pencils are fantastic for drawing and coloring because they produce rich, vibrant hues.

In this article, we'll discuss the best oil-based colored pencils available on Amazon.

If you want to create art that amazes your friends and family, check out these top picks!

Keep reading to discover the perfect sets of oil-based colored pencils!

How We Choose Our Selections

It's hard to find the best art supplies that fit your specific needs.

Not all supplies and colored pencils are created equal.

In fact, there are a lot of factors you need to consider when choosing the right set for you, like the type of lead (oil or wax), color selection, and brand.

We've done the hard work for you and read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best oil-based colored pencils for artists of all skill levels.

Whether you're a beginner or professional, we have something for you!

Best Oil-based Colored Pencils Starter Set

Raam Refined Oil-based Colored Pencils

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Why We Love It

With Raam Refined Oil-based Colored Pencils, you'll enjoy rich, bold hues and premium pigments.

They are easy to blend and use and glide across the page smoothly.

This 48-piece set comes in a superior metal tin for storage, and each pencil glides smoothly across the page.

Whether you're a beginner or a professional, these artist-grade pencils will help you create beautiful works of art.

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a high-quality, professional, starter set of oil-based colored pencils, look no further than Raam Refined.

These pencils are safe, nontoxic, and ASTM certified.

They're also free from most common allergens, including latex, gluten, egg, dairy, soy, peanut, and tree nut.

The set is waterproof and doesn't require any fixative.

Plus, these colored pencils are lightfast and soft, so they retain their color over time.

If you want an introduction into the realm of oil-based colored pencils drawing and coloring, this is a perfect set for you!

Add it to your supplies today and get started on your next project!

Best Oil-based Colored Pencils from Small Business

Magicfly Oil-based Colored Pencils

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Why We Love It

With the Magicfly Oil-based Colored Pencils, you can unleash your creativity like never before.

This set of 72 high-quality pencils come in a wide range of colors, making it easy to find just the right shade for any project.

They're perfect for drawing, illustration, coloring books, and more.

The colored pencils are made with high-quality pigments that deliver rich, saturated color.

They're also lightfast, meaning the color won't fade over time.

The pencils have a smooth, creamy texture that makes them a pleasure to use, and they blend easily to create even more color possibilities.

The Magicfly Oil-based Colored Pencils come in a sturdy tin storage box, making them great gifts for artists of all ages.

Pick up your set today!

What You Should Know

If you're looking for a high-quality oil-based colored pencil set, Magicfly is a great option.

Their pencils are made with soft lead and are certified by ASTM International.

This ensures that they're safe and nontoxic.

The cores are also resistant to breakage, so you can use them without worrying about them snapping in half.

Each pencil is identified by color name and number, making it easy to find the exact shade you're looking for, and because they're oil-based, they produce vibrant colors that are perfect for coloring books or other art projects.

Plus, their small business status means that you're supporting a company that is dedicated to providing quality craft supplies.

All of their products have been optimized and have undergone multiple quality inspections to ensure you get the highest quality.

If you're in the market for a new set of colored pencils, Magicfly should be at the top of your list.

Grab your set today and see the difference in your artwork!

Best Intermediate Oil-based Colored Pencils

H&B Oil-based Colored Pencils

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Why We Love It

Looking for a top-quality set of colored pencils with a nice color variety?

Check out H&B Oil-based Colored Pencils.

This set of 122 comes with an amazing 120 color options, making it easy to find the perfect shade for any project.

The pencils are rich and vibrant, providing easy blending, shading, and layering.

They go on smoothly and evenly, and even come with a premium vinyl eraser and pencil sharpener.

Each pencil is pre-sharpened, named, and numbered for ease of use.

They're also soft and easy to use, making them great gifts for all skill levels. Best of all, they're quite versatile, perfect for drawing, sketching, illustration, coloring books, and so much more!

If you want to get your coloring on, pick up a set of your very own today!

What You Should Know

H&B oil-based colored pencils are top-quality pencils that meet the required standards for smoothness, pigment, hardness, and covering power.

Each pencil contains high-quality, lightfast cores and is made from environmentally friendly wood.

This set comes in a convenient, zippered, storage case, allowing you to easily take these premium pencils with you for art on the go.

These colored pencils are excellent for blending, shading, and writing and come with a non-slip grip.

With H&B oil-based colored pencils, you'll be able to create beautiful works of art with ease!

If you want to take your art to the next level, grab your set today!

Best Mid-range Oil-based Colored Pencils

Bajotien Oil-based Colored Pencils

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Why We Love It

Searching for a gift that will please anyone with a creative streak?

Look no further than the Bajotien Oil-based Colored Pencils.

This massive set of 180 pencils comes in a broad range of colors, making it perfect for coloring books, art projects, and more.

The rich pigmentation and break-resistant core make these pencils a dream to use, while the easy-to-layer colors open up endless possibilities for creativity.

Whether you're looking to relax with a coloring book or get serious about your art, these colored pencils are sure to please.

These oil-based colored pencils make a great addition to any art kit, so snag your set today!

What You Should Know

Bajotien oil-based colored pencils are a professional set that is full of exciting, rich colors.

Each colored pencil contains a soft core that glides smoothly across the page and layers well.

The set comes in a sturdy, metal tin with 6 plastic trays to keep your pencils organized and protected.

Each pencil is numbered and color-coded and features a square barrel design for a comfortable grip.

The oil-based colored pencils have a durable, high-quality wood barrel and pencil core material that is self-contained in their company, eliminating any chance of batch variations.

These oil-based colored pencils are great for artists of all levels!

What are you waiting for?

Pick up your set today and start creating beautiful art!

Best Color Variety Oil-based Colored Pencils

Fuxi Oil-based Colored Pencils

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Why We Love It

Want an incredible color selection for your artwork?

With 200 vibrant colors to choose from, Fuxi Oil-based Colored Pencils are perfect for any artist who desires to create rich and beautiful artwork.

These pencils lay down color brilliantly and can be used to create highly saturated and distinctive art.

The set is also extremely versatile, making it an excellent gift for anyone who loves to draw, regardless of their age or skill level.

Customers love the quality of these pencils and how they layer beautifully to create stunning works of art.

If you're looking for a top-quality oil-based colored pencil set, pick up your Fuxi set today!

What You Should Know

Fuxi oil-based colored pencils are a great choice for anyone looking for high quality, shock-resistant, and sturdy pencils.

The set comes with pencil sharpeners, and customers love the color selection.

This set is some of the best they have ever ordered.

With a nice array of bold, pastel, and skin tones, you’ll always find the color you need.

If you want quality oil-based colored pencils with a color selection that can't be beat, grab your set of Fuxi colored pencils today!

Tips for Using Oil-based Colored Pencils


Oil-based colored pencils are a great choice for more advanced artists.

They require patience and practice to master, but the results are worth it.

These pencils produce vibrant colors that are perfect for adding depth and detail to your drawings.

Plus, they allow you to experiment with different techniques to find the ones that work best for you.


Oil-based colored pencils are a great way to add color to your drawings without having to worry about the hard rules that come with other mediums.

You can apply the colors and then work on the details later, without being too rigid.

This flexibility allows you to create beautiful works of art without being restricted by the rules.

Oil-based colored pencils also provide a rich and vibrant color that is perfect for adding depth and dimension to your drawings.

So, don't be afraid to experiment with oil-based colored pencils, and see how they can help you create stunning works of art.


Oil-based colored pencils are great for detail work and achieving a professional finish on your project.

They can also be used to create beautiful blended colors.

To blend colors, start by layering two or more colors on top of each other.

You can add more layers of color to create a more blended effect.

Also, using a solvent will help you to achieve a smooth, even blending of the colors.

It is important to use a little at a time and to build up the color gradually.

If you use too much, you run the risk of making the colors muddy.

With the right solvent, you can achieve a smooth, professional finish.

Color Mixing

Oil-based colored pencils are great for layering colors and give your artwork a more natural look.

Layering will also improve the color intensity and value.

It's important to be mindful of how much pressure you use, especially in the beginning stages.

If you add too much pressure, you'll end up with a shiny finish.

If you're planning on adding additional layers of color, make sure to do it before you burnish the surface and make it glossy.

Colored Pencil FAQs

If you want to embrace your creativity and create some amazing art, you might become overwhelmed by the massive selection of art supplies.

With so many brands, sets, types, sizes, color varieties, and more, it's hard to know where to start your search.

Buying the perfect set can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

It's a daunting, time-consuming task that people rarely have the time to do.

To help simplify the selection process, we've created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about oil-based colored pencils, so you can walk away happy with your new set.

Whether you want to find the perfect pencil set to your art kit or find the ideal gift for the creators in your life, there's a perfect pencil set for your needs.

What's the difference between oil-based and wax-based pencils?

The difference between oil-based and wax-based colored pencils is that oil-based colored pencils are soluble in solvents such as turpentine or petroleum ether, whereas wax-based colored pencils are not.

Oil-based colored pencils have higher pigment concentration, making them more vibrant than wax-based colored pencils.

Wax-based colored pencils have less pigment concentration, but they do not smudge and are therefore better suited for use on high quality paper.

Both types can be found as student grade pencils or premium colored pencils, so you can find the perfect set for your needs.

Are oil-based pencils better?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

Some people prefer oil colored pencils because they feel that they have more control over the color and opacity of the pigment.

Others find them difficult to blend and prefer water-based or wax-based colored pencils instead.

There are a variety of types of colored pencils.

Whether you pick regular colored pencils, artist-grade colored pencils, or oil-based colored pencils, ultimately, it comes down to personal preference for your colored pencil art and adult coloring books.

Why use oil-based colored pencils?

Oil-based colored pencils are some of the most versatile and long-lasting colored pencils available.

They can be used for a wide range of applications, from sketching to complete illustrations.

Oil-based colored pencils have several advantages over other types of colored pencils.

They provide rich, vibrant color and a smooth application.

They also resist fading and wear down less quickly than other types of pencils.

Wax bloom, a common issue with most colored pencils because they're wax-based, is not an issue with oil pencils.

Derwent lightfast colored pencils are a great option for artists who want oil-based colored pencils with colors that last.

If you're looking for high-quality, long-lasting color, oil-based colored pencils are a great option!

How do you blend oil-based colored pencils?

Oil based colored pencils can be blended by using a blending stump or your fingers.

Start by lightly dabbing the stump or your fingers in the color you want to blend, then use a circular motion to move the color around on the paper.

You can also add more colors to the blend to create different shades.

Be sure to practice on some scrap paper before trying it on your artwork!

This way you can perfect the technique prior to messing with your project.

When you're ready to start blending, grab your set and get creative!

What kind of sharpener is best for colored pencils?

There are a few things to consider when choosing a sharpener for colored pencils, such as the type of point you want and the durability of the sharpener.

Some people prefer a fine point for their colored pencils, while others like a more blunt tip.

There are also battery-operated sharpeners available, although they tend to be more expensive.

Generally, the best sharpener for colored pencils is a handheld pencil sharpener.

It's important to find a sharpener that is specifically designed for colored pencils, as regular sharpeners can damage the lead.

Once you've found the perfect sharpener, make sure to take care of it so it will last a long time!

Ultimately, it really depends on your individual preferences as to what kind of sharpener is best for you.

Are Faber-Castell pencils oil or wax-based?

The Faber Castell colored pencils are oil-based colored pencils.

They are made with high-quality pigments that are lightfast and resistant to fading.

The pencils have a soft, creamy texture that is perfect for blending and layering.

If you're looking for a top-quality oil-based colored pencil, the Faber-Castell pencil is a great option!

Are Polychromos oil-based?

Polychromos oil-based pencils are highly pigmented and deliver brilliant, long-lasting color.

They are perfect for artists who want to achieve rich, saturated color and smooth blending.

The oil-based formula means these pencils resist smudging and water-soluble color can be layered on top of dry color for ultimate versatility.

If you're looking for an oil-based colored pencil with superior color and blending properties, Polychromos is a great option!

Are Staedtler colored pencils oil or wax-based?

Staedtler colored pencils are oil-based.

They are made of pigment, oil, and wax.

The pigment is what gives the coloring to the pencils, the oil makes them smooth to write with, and the wax helps to bind everything together.

The result is a high-quality colored pencil that is perfect for artists of all levels!

No matter what your needs are, there's an oil-based colored pencil that's perfect for you.

Are Crayola colored pencils wax or oil-based?

Crayola colored pencils are made with a wax-based formula that gives them their smooth, rich color laydown.

The pencils are also PVOC (performance volatiles organic compounds)-free, meaning they have lower emissions of volatile organic compounds than traditional petroleum-based wax colored pencils.

If you're looking for a wax-based colored pencil that is non-toxic and has low emissions, Crayola is a great option!

Are Prismacolor pencils oil or wax-based?

Prismacolor colored pencils are actually a wax-based colored pencil.

Many people think they are oil-based because they lay down color so opaquely and have such a rich, smooth feel when you're coloring with them.

However, they're technically not oil-based.

Wax-based colored pencils were first introduced in the 1930s.

At that time, artists had only oil-based or watercolor options available to them if they wanted to color with pencils.

Oil-based colored pencils were very waxy and difficult to use, while watercolor pencils didn't allow for much control.

Wax-based colored pencils were the perfect middle ground and quickly became popular among artists.

If you're looking for a wax-based colored pencil with great color laydown and smoothness, Prismacolor is a great option!

Are Holbein colored pencils oil-based?

Yes, Holbein colored pencils are oil-based.

They are also wax-based, which helps them to blend smoothly and produce rich, vibrant colors.

Holbein is a Japanese company that has been making art supplies for over 100 years.

Their products are known for being high quality and lightfast.

Are Castle Art colored pencils oil-based?

No, Castle Art colored pencils are not oil-based.

They are wax-based pencils that are designed to blend easily and layer smoothly.

Castle Art is a UK-based company that makes art supplies for both professional artists and hobbyists.

Their products are known for being affordable and of high quality.

If you're looking for a wax-based colored pencil that is budget-friendly and easy to use, Castle Art is a great option!

The Best Oil-based Colored Pencils for You

So, what is the perfect set for your next project?

After reading thousands of Amazon reviews, we’ve found the best oil-based colored pencils for all sorts of creators.

Whether you're a beginner, a hobbyist, a professional artist, or somewhere in-between, there is an ideal set of colored pencils for all of your needs!

We hope our findings helped you make an informed decision, allowing you to walk away happy with your new supplies!

Whichever set you choose, we hope you stay creative, doodling, drawing, and coloring to your heart's content!

Don't forget to tap the button to check Amazon for the best prices on oil-based colored pencils!

Thanks for reading and here's to your colorful, new creations!

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