Do you have an inspired, little creator at home?

If so, unleash your child's inner artist with the best crayons for toddlers!

Crayons are a must-have for any budding artist.

Not all crayons are created equal, though, as some are better suited for toddlers than others.

We've found the best crayons for your toddler with the perfect set of colors and textures to keep your toddler entertained for hours on end.

With these awesome crayons your child's imagination will flourish!

Read on to find the perfect crayons for your young creator today!

How We Choose Our Selections

Finding the right art supplies for your toddler can prove challenging.

You want something that is fun and stimulating, but also safe and easy to use.

All the brightly-colored coloring supplies in the store can be so tempting, but it's hard to know which ones are safe for your little one.

And once you finally decide on a set of crayons, they always seem to lose or break some of them.

We’ve done all of the hard work for you and found the best crayons for toddlers.

After reading through thousands of reviews, we’ve compiled a list of the best crayons for toddlers.

These crayons are perfect for budding artists ages 2-5 years old and come in a variety of fun colors that will enrapture your child for hours on end.

Best First Crayons

Crayola My First Palm Grip Crayons

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Why We Love It

Looking for a toddler-friendly crayon set that's easy to grip and safe for little ones?

Look no further than Crayola My First Palm Grip crayons!

These crayons come in an easy-to-grip, egg shape that's perfect for small hands.

Plus, they're washable for hassle-free cleanup.

This set includes six colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple.

Whether your little one is creating a masterpiece or just doodling, they'll have everything they need to get started.

What You Should Know

For any parent with a toddler, art supplies can be a bit of a balancing act.

On the one hand, you want to encourage your child's budding creativity.

On the other hand, you don't want them exposed to anything potentially hazardous.

Crayola My First Palm Grip crayons are specifically designed for young artists, ranging from 12 to 120 months.

Each of these egg crayons are the equivalent of 14 regular crayons, making them both easier to grip and less likely to break.

The crayons are also non-toxic and washable, so cleanup is a breeze.

Whether your child is just starting to explore their creativity or is already an accomplished artist, Crayola My First Palm Grip crayons are a great choice.

Best Large Toddler Crayons

Lebze Jumbo Crayons

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a fun and easy way to keep your little ones entertained, look no further than Lebze jumbo-sized crayons!

These vibrant crayons are perfect for coloring, drawing, and so much more.

Plus, they come in a handy storage container so you can keep them organized and tidy.

With 16 brilliant colors to choose from, your little ones will have a blast creating masterpieces with these Lebze crayons.

Since they're 4.25 inches long with a .55 diameter, they're easy for small hands to grip and use.

Whether your little ones are just starting to explore their creative side or are already budding artists, Lebze crayons are a great choice.

What You Should Know

Crayons the perfect tool for little ones to start exploring their creativity.

If you're looking for crayons for your toddler, Lebze jumbo-sized crayons are a great option.

These nontoxic crayons are free of lead and phthalates, so they're safe for toddlers ages 1 to 4 years old.

If you're worried about cleanup, don't be; these crayons are washable, so they'll come right off with a little soap, water, and a paper towel.

Go ahead and let your toddler loose with these crayons; Lebze crayons are the perfect way for your toddler to explore their creativity without any worries!

Best Durable Toddler Crayons

YPlus Peanut Crayons

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Why We Love It

Looking for a unique and fun way to engage your little ones in art time?

Look no further than YPlus crayons!

These adorable, peanut-shaped crayons come in a set of 12 different colors.

They’re perfect for small hands to grip and use.

Plus, they use a special clean-hand formula so there’s no messy residue left behind.

Let their imaginations run wild as they color and create with YPlus crayons.

What You Should Know

Parents with young children know how frustrating it can be to see their crayons get broken over and over again.

Not only is it a waste of money to keep buying new crayons, but it's also hard to watch your child be disappointed when their crayon snaps in half.

That's why YPlus crayons are such a great option for parents of toddlers.

Their crayons are made with a new synthetic technology that makes them much more durable, so they're less likely to break when dropped.

The unique shape of these crayons also helps with their durability.

Since they're made with natural and synthetic waxes, they're completely nontoxic, so you can rest assured that your child is safe while they're creating their latest masterpiece.

If you're looking for crayons that will go the distance, YPlus crayons are the perfect choice.

Best Natural Toddler Crayons

Honeysticks Beeswax Crayons

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Why We Love It

Looking for a non-toxic, natural product for your little ones to enjoy?

Look no further than Honeysticks beeswax crayons!

Made of pure beeswax, these chubby crayons are easy for small hands to hold while being difficult to break.

These chunky crayons are 2.2 inches long with a .8-inch diameter; they are not your average crayon.

With 12 vibrant colors to choose from, your kids will love drawing and expressing their creativity on paper, poster, or artboard.

Know you can feel good knowing that this is a safe product for them to use.

What You Should Know

If you're looking for crayons for toddlers that are natural and safe, look no further than Honeysticks beeswax crayons.

Made from 100% pure beeswax, these crayons are completely safe for little ones to use.

Since they're made from a natural by-product of honey production, they have minimal environmental impact.

Plus, they're brightly colored with food grade pigments, and they are easy for toddlers to hold.

Whether your little one is just starting to color or is a budding artist, Honeysticks crayons are the perfect choice.

If nontoxic, natural wax crayons sound perfect for your toddler, you can pick up your set of Honeysticks beeswax crayons today!

Crayon FAQs

Toddlers love crayons, but traditional crayons can be difficult for them to use.

Honestly, it's no surprise that toddlers love crayons; they're colorful, fun, and easy to hold while allowing them to create freely.

As a parent, you likely have questions and desire to be properly informed about anything that comes in contact with your precious, little one.

We understand.

We've got the answers to all your crayon questions right here.

Read our list of frequently asked questions about crayons for toddlers so you can make an informed decision about the art supplies you provide them, and so both you and your little one can walk away happy.

Are crayons safe for toddlers?

Typically, crayons are non-toxic and safe for toddlers.

Crayons are made of a variety of materials, including wax, oils, and coloring pigments.

It never hurts to double-check to ensure your child's safety prior to purchase, though.

As with any product that your child will be using, it's important to choose crayons that are safe for toddlers.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting crayons for your toddler:

Make sure the crayons are non-toxic.

All good quality brands will be clearly labeled as non-toxic.

Check that the crayons are certified by the Art and Craft Materials Institute (ACMI).

The ACMI is a professional safety organization that tests art supplies and gives them a seal of approval if they meet certain safety standards.

Choose some fun colors! Toddlers love bright colors, so pick out some bold shades that will capture their attention.

What are crayons made of?

Crayons are made of a variety of different materials, depending on the brand and type.

The most common type of crayon is made of paraffin wax, but other materials like beeswax, soybean wax, or latex can be used as well.

Fillers like clay or chalk are also added to give crayons their color and texture.

Crayons may also contain oils and coloring pigments.

As with any product, it's important to check the ingredients list to ensure that the crayons are safe for your child to use.

What age is appropriate for crayons?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as each child develops at their own pace and what may be appropriate for one child may not be suitable for another.

However, most experts agree that crayons are typically appropriate for children aged 3 and up.

If your child is younger than 3, they may still enjoy using crayons under adult supervision.

There are also special "non-toxic" crayons available that are specifically designed for teething toddlers and young children who tend to put everything in their mouths.

Some sets come with triangular crayons to combat rolling crayons that fall off of your workspace.

Some brands also offer chalk crayons.

When it comes to choosing the right crayons for your child, it's really a matter of trial and error; see what works best for them and go from there!

Should toddlers use jumbo crayons?

The use of jumbo-sized crayons for toddlers is a matter of preference.

Some parents feel that the larger size is easier for their child to grip, while others prefer the traditional size.

There are pros and cons to both choices.

Jumbo-sized crayons may be easier for some toddlers to grip, but they can also be more difficult to control.

The larger size can make it tricky for tiny hands to color within the lines.

Traditional sized crayons may be more manageable for some toddlers, but they may also require more precision and dexterity.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to use these larger crayons with toddlers is up to the parent.

Feel free to try different sizes and types of crayons and see if your child has a preference.

After experimenting, choose what you think will work best.

What are tips for using crayons with toddlers?

The key with toddlers and any art supplies is just to let them explore.

Put a bunch of different colors out and see which ones they are drawn to.

Crayons are great because they are so simple to use; just color away!

If you want to give them some guidance, maybe work on a specific project together, like making a picture for Daddy or decorating a birthday card for Mommy.

Ultimately, just let them have fun and enjoy the process.

Here are a few other tips:

Set up a designated area for art time, whether it's at the kitchen table or on the floor in their bedroom.

This will help contain the mess and make clean up easier.

Put down a sheet of paper or a placemat before they start coloring.

This will protect surfaces from crayon marks and make cleanup a breeze.

Encourage them to color outside the lines! This is their time to be creative and explore different colors and techniques.

Don't worry about perfection, just let them have fun.

If they seem to be getting frustrated, take a break and come back to it later.

There's no rush and you don't want them to get upset or discouraged.

One fun way to use crayons with toddlers is to let them color on a piece of paper taped to the wall or easel.

This will allow them to move around and be more creative with their coloring.

Having the paper up provides better access for your toddler.

Another fun way to use crayons with toddlers is to let them color on a piece of paper taped to the floor.

This will give them more space to color and be more creative.

Finally, another tip for using crayons with toddlers is to let them color on a piece of paper taped in front of them on the table.

This will help keep their coloring inside the lines.

Why do toddlers like to eat crayons?

Toddlers like to eat crayons because they are attracted to the bright colors and the waxy texture.

Crayons are also soft enough that they won't hurt the toddler's mouth if they bite into them.

Toddlers typically go through a phase where they put everything in their mouth, and crayons are no exception.

If you're concerned about your toddler eating crayons, there are a few things you can do.

First, try to provide them with non-toxic crayons.

Second, supervise them when they are using crayons and make sure they don't put them in their mouth.

Finally, if they do put a crayon in their mouth, don't panic.

Just take it away and try to redirect their attention to something else.

Crayons are a great way for toddlers to express themselves and have fun.

Can eating crayons be hazardous?

Depending on the crayon, eating crayons can be hazardous.

The colors in crayons are made from a variety of different pigments, some of which can be harmful if ingested.

In particular, the ingestion of large amounts of lead-based pigments has been linked to health problems such as brain damage and even death.

If a child swallows a crayon, it can cause a blockage in their intestines.

Symptoms of a crayon obstruction include vomiting, constipation, and pain in the abdomen.

If you think your child has swallowed a crayon, call your doctor immediately.

For this reason, it's best to keep most crayons out of reach of unsupervised, young children, who might be tempted to eat them.

Can you make your own crayons?

Toddlers have a tendency to drop things, and this means that you will end up with broken crayons.

There's no need to throw broken crayons away, though, because you can make your own handmade crayons at home.

Start by melting down some old crayons in a pot on the stove (or in a muffin tin in the oven).

Once they are melted, pour the mixture into some silicone ice cube trays, and let them cool.

Once they are solidified, you can pop them out of the silicone tray and use them like regular crayons.

If you use a muffin tin as the mold, you'll come out with some nice, large crayons!

Plus, you can combine colors, meaning you can even create rainbow-colored crayons!

There are endless possibilities, and your little artist might enjoy your homemade crayons over store-bought ones.

What paper is best to use with crayons?

There are a few different types of paper that work well with crayons.

Regular printer paper is a good option, especially for young artists, as it's smooth, cheap, and easily accessible.

Bristol board or other thick papers are also good choices, as they provide a little more resistance for smoother color application.

In general, any smooth paper will work fine for crayon drawings; just experiment until you find the right one for you!

The Perfect Crayons for Your Toddler

So, what’s the best crayon set for your young artist?

After hours of research and reading thousands reviews on Amazon, we believe that these are the best crayon sets for your toddler.

They are safe, nontoxic, and work great!

We hope you found this information helpful in finding the perfect crayons for your little one.

Hopefully, our findings have given you the necessary information to make an informed decision about the best choice so you can walk away happy with your purchase!

Whichever set you choose, we hope you and your little one have a blast coloring with crayons!

Don't forget to tap the button to check Amazon for the best prices for crayons for toddlers!

Thanks for reading and here's to your inspired artist's new art!

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