Ready to have some summertime fun?

When was the last time you and your family had creative, outdoor fun?

Sidewalk chalk is the perfect way to get creative and have fun outdoors with your friends and family.

This timeless activity is great for all ages, and there are so many different ways to use it!

With the best sidewalk chalk, you can create beautiful masterpieces on sidewalks, driveways, concrete, and other surfaces.

The fun never has to end!

In this article, we'll be discussing the best sidewalk chalk available and all the great ways it'll add color and fun to your life!

Get ready to have summertime fun, spending time with your friends and family, with the best sidewalk chalk around!

Keep reading to find the perfect sidewalk chalks to use for your next masterpiece or your children's fun with the neighborhood kids!

How We Choose Our Selections

It's hard to find the best art supplies.

You have to read through a lot of reviews, and then you still don't know if you're getting a good product.

Not only is it hard to find the best supplies, but it can also be expensive.

If you're not happy with the product, you might end up wasting your money.

We've done all of the hard work for you!

We've read through thousands of Amazon reviews to find the best products out there, so that you don't have to.

Whether you're budding artist, hobbyist, or full-grown creator, we've got something for everyone.

Sidewalk chalk is a great art medium that can be used by creators of all ages, and with sidewalk chalk, the world becomes your canvas!

Best Color Variety Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Washable Sidewalk Chalk

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Why We Love It

If you want a fun way to spend some time outside, Crayola chalk is perfect for getting creative in the fresh air!

This set comes with 72 pieces of chalk in 48 fun colors, so you can let your imagination run wild.

The easy-grip design means you can keep on creating without having to worry about the chalk rolling away, and the washable formula means any accidental marks can be easily cleaned up.

This set is perfect for going outside, soaking up some sunshine, and letting your creativity out!

The outside fun never has to end with Crayola’s fun, vibrant hues.

Create chalk masterpieces on sidewalks, driveways, concrete, blacktop, and more!

What You Should Know

Crayola washable sidewalk chalk is a great way to add some color to your sidewalk or driveway.

It's also perfect for creating intimate art or handwritten messages.

Best of all, it cleans easily with a garden hose or next rainfall.

Crayola’s washable sidewalk chalk is safe and non-toxic, making it the perfect gift!

If you're looking for a fun and safe way to add some color to your world, Crayola's washable chalk sticks are the perfect way to do it.

This set is easy to use and fun for all ages, although Crayola recommends ages 4 and up.

The possibilities are endless with this safe and convenient chalk, and kids love this chalk set.

As an Amazon's #1 Best Seller, it's no surprise of the great quality you receive when your purchase this sidewalk chalk!

Grab a box of Crayola washable sidewalk chalk and get ready to have some outdoor fun!

Best Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk City Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

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Why We Love It

Looking to add some sparkle and pizzazz to your art projects?

Chalk City has got you covered with their amazing glitter chalk sticks!

This 20-piece set comes in 7 different, dazzling color variations.

The chalk is high quality and bright and saturated, perfect for creating attention-grabbing artwork.

Plus, the easy grip makes it convenient and fun to use, even for little hands.

Whether you're playing on the sidewalk, at the park, or in your own backyard, this chalk is perfect for bringing color and excitement into your life.

Allowing your creative juices flow by adding bright color into your life, this is perfect for summertime fun and makes a great gift.

What You Should Know

Chalk City sidewalk chalk is an Amazon's Choice product that allows limitless creative possibilities.

Each chalk stick is tapered to prevent rolling and the sidewalk chalk set is washable, safe, and non-toxic.

This sidewalk chalk is specially formulated to minimize chalk dust.

The lidded, plastic bucket is perfect for mess-free storage and easy transport of your new chalk.

Chalk City has been bringing family fun to customers for decades with products designed for great value, easy use, smiles, and hours of play.

This great chalk  setis sure to provide hours of fun for the whole family.

Get creative and start drawing today with Chalk City sidewalk chalk!

Best Jumbo Sidewalk Chalk

Block Party Sidewalk Chalk

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Why We Love It

Looking for a fun activity for the kids that will also brighten up your neighborhood?

Then grab a set of Block Party kids' chalk!

This 32-piece set comes with 12 assorted colors, including 4 glitter chalks for some extra sparkle.

With such bold and vibrant colors, your sidewalk art will really stand out.

Plus, it's a great way to get the kids outside and creative.

Make sure to pick up a set of Block Party jumbo sidewalk chalk the next time you're looking for some fun.

What You Should Know

If you're looking for long-lasting, colorful chalk that provides quality value for your money, then Block Party sidewalk chalk is a great option.

These jumbo chalk sticks feature a square design to prevent rolling and make them easier to hold, so they're less like to break.

They're also washable, non-toxic, and have been tested in a UL Lab for safety.

Best of all, they come from a family-run business that operates in the US & Canada and is dedicated to helping artists create and have fun.

This Amazon's Choice product includes large chalk sticks will last longer, providing great value for your money.

Whether you're an experienced artist or a beginner, Block Party sidewalk chalk is a great choice.

Pick up a pack today and add vibrant splashes of color to your sidewalk!

Best Neon Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk City Neon Sidewalk Chalk

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Why We Love It

Searching for a fun and easy way to add some color to your world?

Look no further than Chalk City neon sidewalk chalk!

This high-quality, 20-piece set comes in 7 different vibrant colors, so you can let your creativity loose and add some eye-catching art to any surface.

This chalk set provides endless possibilities!

Convenient and easy to use, Chalk City neon sidewalk chalk is perfect for summertime fun.

Just grab some chalk and start drawing on concrete, brick, stone, asphalt, or even wood.

The bright colors are sure to liven up any bland surface!

When you're done creating your masterpiece, simply wash it away with water.

It's that easy!

These saturated sidewalk chalks are perfect for summertime fun!

Not only is Chalk City neon sidewalk chalk great for personal use, but it also makes a wonderful gift.

So brighten up someone's day and sidewalk today with Chalk City sidewalk chalk!

What You Should Know

Sidewalk chalk is a classic childhood, outdoor toy; it's portable, doesn't require batteries, and can provide hours of enjoyment.

Now, with Chalk City neon sidewalk chalk, it's easier than ever to get creative on the go.

The chalk sticks have a tapered shape to prevent rolling, and the lidded, storage bucket ensures that transportation and storage remains clean and mess-free.

The easily washable, safe, non-toxic sidewalk chalk is specially formulated to minimize dust, so both children and parents can enjoy hours of chalk art year round.

Chalk City has been bringing family fun to customers for decades with products designed for great value, easy use, smiles, and hours of play.

This outdoor chalk is perfect for unleashing your inner artist wherever you go, on the sidewalk, driveway, playground, street, brick walls, or chalkboard.

Get outside and start creating with this Amazon's Choice sidewalk chalk.

Best Variety Sidewalk Chalk

Crayola Special Effects Sidewalk Chalk

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Why We Love It

On the hunt for a sidewalk chalk set that will really make your art pop?

Then check out Crayola’s special effects bundle!

This bundle comes with three different specialty chalk sets, each with its own unique look.

The glitter pack will add some sparkle to your artwork, while the neon pack is perfect for creating bright and bold designs.

If you really want to stand out, the tie dye pack is perfect for adding some psychedelic colors to your creation!

Whether you’re an experienced artist or a beginner, these special effect chalks are sure to take your sidewalk art to the next level!

Create chalk art that truly stands out with special effect chalk!

Many families already own the traditional chalk colors, but this bundle sidewalk chalk set is an exciting additional, adding glamorous dazzle and neon colors!

Give the gift of sunshine and outdoor fun today with Crayola special effects sidewalk chalk sets!

What You Should Know

Crayola sidewalk chalk is a great way to get creative and have fun!

Whether you're drawing a picture, writing a message, or playing a game, sidewalk chalk is a great way to express yourself.

Crayola chalk is safe and non-toxic, making it the perfect gift and fun for all ages!

Crayola recommends ages 4 and up as the chalk sticks are a potential choking hazard for toddlers under 4.

Designed with to be anti-roll, this sidewalk chalk will stay put and not roll away.

Wipe the slate clean easily with a garden hose or next rainfall and start the creation process all over again!

Create intimate art or handwritten messages, traditional chalk games of hopscotch, tic-tac-toe, and four-square, or go big with expansive, colorful murals.

The possibilities are endless with this safe and convenient sidewalk chalk.

Being Crayola, it's no surprise of the great quality you receive when your purchase this specialty sidewalk chalk set!

Enjoy making outdoor masterpieces with this chalk set of assorted colors that really pop!

This will be the most fun you’ve had in years!

Pick up Crayola's specialty chalk bundle today and unleash your inner artist!

Sidewalk Chalk FAQs

Finding the perfect art supplies can be a hassle.

You might want to learn something new but are unsure where to start.

To further complicate matters, there's endless varieties of products and brands to choose from.

With so many different choices, how do you know which sidewalk chalk is best for you?

We've compiled a list of some of the most frequently asked questions about sidewalk chalk to help you make an informed decision before making your purchase.

Whether you're looking for the perfect chalk set as a gift or are looking to create stunning sidewalk chalk art yourself, you'll leave feeling confident after reading this guide.

Is there a difference between chalk and sidewalk chalk?

There is a difference between chalk and sidewalk chalk.

There are a variety of chalk sets, ranging from dustless chalk, chalkboard chalk, jumbo sidewalk chalk, glitter chalk sticks, and more.

Chalkboard chalk is made from calcium carbonate and is used for writing on blackboards or other smooth surfaces.

Sidewalk chalk is made from calcium sulfate and is usually brighter in color.

It's softer than regular chalk, so it's good for drawing on pavement or other rough surfaces.

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to get creative and have fun!

Safe and non-toxic, a chalk set is the perfect gift and fun for all ages, children and parents alike.

You can use your chalk set on a chalkboard, pavement, driveway, brick wall, and more--the sky's the limit!

Are chalk pastels the same as sidewalk chalk?

Chalk pastels and sidewalk chalk are both drawing media, but they are not the same thing.

Chalk pastels and sidewalk chalk are both made of chalk, but they have different textures.

Sidewalk chalk is more powdery because it contains a higher proportion of calcium carbonate.

Chalk pastels can be more oily because they contain a higher proportion of pigment, giving them more highly saturated colors.

You can find different chalk stick sets, including dustless chalk, jumbo sidewalk chalk, kids chalk, neon chalk, and more.

Whether in a box or bucket, the best chalk for sidewalks would be sidewalk chalk, though.

Can you use regular chalk on the sidewalk?

While you can use traditional chalk to draw on a sidewalk, regular chalk is not typically recommended for use on sidewalks.

There are a few reasons for this.

First, regular chalk is more likely to crumble and create a powdery mess than other types of chalk.

This can be difficult to clean up.

Second, sidewalk concrete is generally much harder than traditional chalkboards, so regular chalk may not provide good coverage or be easy to erase.

Finally, weather conditions can affect how well regular chalk works on sidewalks; heat and humidity can cause it to melt or fade quickly, while cold and wet weather can make it hard to writing with.

For these reasons, special sidewalk chalks that are designed to resist weathering and provide good coverage are generally a better choice for use on sidewalks.

Does wet chalk work better?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it depends on a variety of factors, such as the type of chalk you're using and the surface you're writing or drawing on.

However, in general, wet chalk can work better than dry chalk.

The main reason for this is that wet chalk provides more traction on the surface you're writing on, so it's less likely to smudge or be erase.

Wet chalk is also less likely to powder up and create a mess.

If you're using a piece of chalk that's too small or too soft, wetting it can also help make it easier to write with.

Overall, wetting your chalk can help provide a smoother and more consistent writing and drawing experience.

How do I make my sidewalk chalk drawings look smooth?

To make your sidewalk chalk drawings look smooth, you can use a wet brush.

By using a wet brush, you will be able to blend the colors together and create a smooth finish.

Make sure to keep the brush wet by periodically dipping it into water.

You can also use a spray bottle filled with water to achieve the same effect.

You can also try dipping your chalk in water, but be careful not to overdo it.

If you add too much water, your chalk will become soggy and difficult to work with.

Once you have your chalk and brush ready, start by drawing a basic outline of your design.

Then, fill in the details with color.

For a more three-dimensional effect, you can try drawing with multiple colors of chalk and then blending them together.

Experiment and have fun!

There are no rules when it comes to sidewalk chalk art.

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to get creative and have fun!

It's safe and made with non-toxic materials, making it the perfect gift and fun for all ages.

How do you blend chalk on concrete?

Depending on the type of chalk you are using and the desired effect, there are a few ways to blend colors on concrete with sidewalk chalk.

One way is to use a dry brush to swirl colors together; another is to add water with a spray bottle or sponge brush and blend colors together that way.

You can layer different chalk colors together to create gradients.

You can also use a wet brush to blend colors together.

If your goal is a marbleized look, you can crumple up wet paper towels and lay them over top of chalked areas, then either leave as is or shading in additional colors.

After allowing the design to dry thoroughly (at least an hour), peel away the towel for your reveals your one-of-a-kind creation!

Feel free to experiment and come up with your own blending techniques that work best for you!

The most important thing is to have fun while you create your awesome chalk art!

How do I make my sidewalk chalk more vibrant?

Making your sidewalk chalk more vibrant is all about using the right colors and amplifying them with other hues.

While it's tempting to just use brighter colors, this might not produced the desired end result.

Instead, try these tips:

1. Use pure white chalk as a base.

This will make the colors you use pop and appear more vibrant.

2. Create shadows and depth with darker colors.

This will give your chalk art some dimension and make it more interesting to look at.

3. Use accent colors sparingly.

Too much of a good thing can ruin the effect you're going for.

A little goes a long way when it comes to making your sidewalk chalk more vibrant!

You can also try adding other pigments to your sidewalk chalk art to make your colors more vibrant.

Dry pastels/chalk pastels have higher pigment content, so they can add greater color depth to your drawings.

You can also try mixing in some food coloring.

Simply mix a few drops of food coloring into your chalk powder before you start drawing.

This can give your drawings a brighter and more colorful look.

However, be sure to test the color combinations beforehand to make sure they look good together.

Have fun with it your color combinations!

Additionally, you can try spraying the wet chalk with a clear acrylic sealant to give it a glossy finish.

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to add some color and fun to your day.

Get out there and start creating chalk masterpieces!

How long does sidewalk chalk last?

Most sidewalk chalk generally lasts around three months.

This is assuming the chalk isn't dropped or left out in the rain, as both of those things can significantly shorten its lifespan.

Obviously, if you use your sidewalk chalk a lot daily, it will have a shorter lifespan.

If you take good care of your chalk and store it properly, you can extend its life.

Homemade chalk usually lasts a bit shorter, around two months.

If you want your sidewalk chalk to last as long as possible, it's important to take care of it and store it in a cool, dry place.

With proper care, your sidewalk chalk can last for many months of creative fun!

Get creative with this fun, outdoor medium and savor some fresh air and sunshine!

What surfaces can you use sidewalk chalk on?

You can use sidewalk chalk on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, asphalt, and even certain types of stone and brick.

The best surface to use sidewalk chalk on is one that is smooth and slightly textured.

This will allow the chalk to adhere properly and provide a good canvas for your drawing or writing.

Avoid using chalk on surfaces that are too rough or uneven, as the chalk may not stick well or may produce blurry lines.

If you're not sure if a surface is suitable for sidewalk chalk, it's always best to test it out beforehand.

Draw a small test square on the surface in question and see how well the chalk adheres and how easy it is to draw on.

You can also try using different types of chalk on different surfaces to see what works best.

Sidewalk chalk is a versatile medium that can be used on a variety of surfaces.

Get creative and have fun exploring all the different possibilities!

What kind of chalk do sidewalk artists use?

Sidewalk artists typically use a type of chalk known as tempera or grease chalk.

Tempera chalk is made from a mixture of water and powdered pigments, resulting in a pigment paste.

This paste is then combined with a binder, such as casein (a milk protein) or gum arabic (a tree sap), which gives the finished chalk its stickiness.

Grease chalk, on the other hand, is made from a mix of waxes and color pigments.

The waxes can be either natural (such as beeswax) or synthetic (such as paraffin wax).

Grease chalks are harder and less brittle than tempera chalks, making them more suitable for outdoor use.

If you're looking for the best sidewalk chalk for your needs, it's important to know what kind of chalk artists use.

Tempera and grease chalks are the most popular types of chalk for sidewalk drawings, and each has its own unique benefits.

Choose the type of chalk that best suits your needs and get creative!

Sidewalk chalk is a great way to add some fun color to your day.

Get out there and get creative!

How do you make 3D sidewalk chalk art?

There are a few ways to make 3D sidewalk chalk art.

One way is to use a projector to project an image onto the ground, and then trace over the image with chalk.

Another way is to create a three-dimensional model out of cardboard or other materials, and then use that as a template to draw the outline of the model on the ground.

You can also print an image or photo to use as a reference.

Finally, you can also just freehand it by drawing different layers of depth onto your artwork.

Adding value through highlights, mid-tones, and shadows to your chalk art, just like you would a traditional drawing on paper, will give your 3D chalk art incredible depth!

With a little practice, you can create some amazing sidewalk chalk art!

Don't be afraid to experiment and use what works best for you!

Sidewalk chalk is a great medium for creativity and expression.

Get out there and have some fun! sidewalk chalk art is the perfect way to add some color and fun to your day.

The Best Sidewalk Chalk for You

So, what is best chalk for your needs?

After hours of research, reading thousands of Amazon customer reviews, we’ve found the top picks for all levels of creators and hobbyists.

Whether you're a beginner, a professional chalk artist, or somewhere in-between, there is a chalk perfect for your next art project, no matter how big or how small!

Hopefully, our findings have armed you with everything you need to know,  making it easy to walk away happy with your decision!

Whichever you choose, we hope you have a blast creating all your new, summertime chalk art!

Don't forget to tap the button to check Amazon for the best prices on sidewalk chalks!

Thanks for reading and here's to your awesome sidewalk art!

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Head on over to our color guides on the color wheel, color theory color schemes, and finding the perfect color scheme!

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