Want to add some excitement to your artwork?

Scented markers are a great way to add some pizzazz to all your creations with an exciting array of bold shades and tantalizing aromas.

Scented markers feature a variety of captivating aromas in bold shades, and they're perfect for artists of all skill levels.

With scented markers, you can experience the joy of adding fragrance to your art.

Whether you're a skilled artist or just starting out, these markers are a great way to add some extra flair to all your work.

Keep reading and browse our selection of top picks to find the best scented markers for your art kit!

How We Choose Our Selections

It's hard to find the best additions to your art supplies.

There are so many different brands and types, it's hard to know which ones will work best for you.

Not only is it hard to find the best scented markers, but it can also be expensive if you don't know what to buy.

You might end up buying a set of markers that you don't like or that doesn't work well with your style.

We've done the research for you!

We've read through thousands of reviews on Amazon to find the best scented markers for artists of all skill levels.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, we have something for you.

These are the best scented markers available today, and they include a variety of colors, types, and scent options.

Best Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Chisel Tip Set

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Why We Love It

Relive the good times with Mr. Sketch's scented markers' chisel tip set!

These markers are the ones you used in school and have all the fond, childhood memories with!

They come in a set of 22 vibrant colors, each with its own tantalizing scent.

Whether you’re drawing, coloring, or doodling, these markers will help you unlock your creativity with bold strokes from a versatile chisel tip that delivers.

Confidently pivot, create thick or thin lines, and spend countless hours coloring with these fun, assorted colors.

Take a trip down memory lane and pick up a set of Mr. Sketch scented markers today!

What You Should Know

Mr. Sketch scented markers are a great way to add a little extra creativity to your drawings and sketches.

These large-cylinder markers are easy to hold and come with a versatile chisel tip to create three line widths.

This set is water-based, safe, and AP certified.

Gather around the table with this Amazon's Choice product and let your inspiration lead the way!

The Mr. Sketch markers add an extra dimension of fun to your drawings, and the vibrant colors are sure to please everyone, making them a fun coloring experience for the whole family.

Having bonding time and embrace your child's imagination with these amazing markers!

Grab a Mr. Sketch scented markers' chisel tip set and let your creativity flow!

Best Dual-tipped Scented Markers

Crayola Silly Scents Markers

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Why We Love It

With Crayola Silly Scents markers, you can add a whole new dimension to your art projects!

These 10 dual-ended markers come in 20 assorted colors, each with its own unique scent.

From sweet and fruity to tangy and fresh, there's a scent for everyone.

With two complementary aromas on each end, you can mix and match to create new and exciting smells.

Whether you're coloring, drawing, or just doodling around, Crayola Silly Scents markers are sure to add some fun to your day.

What You Should Know

Looking for fun and safe craft supplies for the young artist in your life?

Crayola Silly Scents are great markers that inspire creativity for your budding artist!

These nontoxic markers come in a variety of fun scents, and the washable ink is perfect for little ones.

Plus, this Amazon's Choice product is sure to be a hit with coloring book fans.

The scents inspire and you can bond together over your family's creations.

Why not add a little extra scent-sation to your next gift-giving occasion?

Best Fine Tip Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch Fine Tip Scented Markers

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Why We Love It

Do you remember the smell of tangy, fresh fruit in summertime?

Or the sweet, sugary smell of a cotton candy at the fair?

With Mr. Sketch markers, you can relive those memories and create new ones!

These fine-tipped markers are perfect for writing, drawing, and coloring.

These precision point, coloring markers are great for creating thin lines and make great gifts for a budding artist.

The slim design makes them easy to hold, and the bright colors are sure to stand out.

The best part of Mr. Sketch markers are the unique, captivating aromas in assorted colors.

This set of 10 assorted colors will have childhood memories come rushing back with their tantalizing aromas.

From fruity to floral, there’s a scent for everyone.

Whether you’re looking to take a trip down memory lane or create some new memories of your own, Mr. Sketch scented markers are a great choice!

What You Should Know

Mr. Sketch scented markers are a great way to add a little extra creativity to your drawings and sketches.

This precision point, scented marker set has specially formulated, water-based ink that won’t bleed.

These fine-tipped markers are easy to hold and have ASTM certification.

These markers are safe for kids ages 3 and up and make awesome gifts.

The Mr. Sketch markers have a variety of scents, such as cherry, blueberry, cinnamon, and apple.

The scents and colors are bright and long-lasting, making them perfect for drawing and coloring.

The Mr. Sketch markers are also great for writing notes and leaving messages.

The certified non toxic ink is safe for kids and adults, making the Mr. Sketch scented markers the perfect choice for school, home, or office use.

Grab a set today to add a fun layer to your next coloring project!

Best Scented Dot Markers

Do-A-Dot Art Scented Dot Markers

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Why We Love It

Looking for a fun and creative activity for your little ones?

Do-A-Dot Art scented markers are perfect for kids of all ages!

These dot markers come in 6 bright, assorted colors, each with a different scent.

They're easy to use, providing hours of fun, and they are mess-free, so you can enjoy them without worry.

They have a large dauber sponge-tip, patently designed to never dry out and create perfect dots, so just twist off the cap to let your creativity loose!

Order your set today and let your child's imagination run wild!

What You Should Know

Do-A-Dot Art scented dot markers are a great way to get your child embrace their creativity.

This set is safe and nontoxic.

These scented dot markers are made in the USA by a small business brand, so, if you purchase this product, you’re helping a small business thrive!

These high-quality dot markers are gluten and latex free.

This scented dot marker set is great for sensory play because they’re easy to use and help your child develop hand-eye coordination, planning, and creative expression.

They’re perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

If you’re looking for a fun and creative activity for your little ones, Do-A-Dot Art scented dot markers are the perfect choice!

Pick up set today to get in on the fun, celebrating your family's creations!

Best Bulk Scented Markers

Mr. Sketch Scented Markers Class Pack

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Why We Love It

If you're looking for a fun coloring experience that will inspire creativity, then Mr. Sketch markers are the perfect tool to add some extra flair to and spice up your artwork!

These markers come in a bulk set of 12 assorted colors and scents, so you'll never run out of your favorite scent again.

With 192 markers total, this pack is perfect for artists of all ages.

These markers feature a large cylinder, thick barrel is easy to hold, and the versatile chisel tip allows you to create a variety of line widths.

Create bold strokes and confidently pivot between thick or thin lines, with a chisel tip that delivers.

Go ahead and let your creativity flow; with Mr. Sketch markers, your artwork will smell as amazing as it looks!

What You Should Know

Mr. Sketch markers have been a trusted favorite among educators for over 40 years, thanks to their nontoxic, safe design that is suitable for all ages.

The water-based ink won't bleed through your paper, and the scents will remain even after the ink dries, so you can enjoy the aromatic experience with every drawing.

With such a wide variety of scents to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect match for your mood.

Go ahead and let your creativity run wild; with Mr. Sketch markers, there's no limit to what you can create!

Scented Markers FAQs

Art supplies can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you're not sure how they work.

You've probably used markers before, but you might be wondering about what makes scented markers special and if they're safe.

Plenty of people are curious about scented markers, but they might not be sure where to start.

They might not know where to find answers or who to trust.

We've collected some of the most frequently asked questions about scented markers and provided the answers right here.

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the artists in your life or are looking to expand your art supplies, after reading this guide you'll leave feeling confident, armed with the knowledge you need to make an informed decision.

Are scented markers toxic?

Scented markers can be toxic, although not all of them are since some are made specifically for children.

The fragrances used in markers are often made of chemicals that can be harmful if ingested.

In addition, the fumes from markers can potentially be toxic if inhaled.

For this reason, it's important to be mindful of who's using these markers and to check to see whether they are nontoxic ahead of time.

Most scented marker sets geared towards children are safe and nontoxic, but it never hurts to double check and make sure.

Are scented markers washable?

Scented markers are usually washable since they're usually geared towards children.

The markers are made with water-based inks, so they can be washed off of skin and most fabrics.

Be mindful that it may take time for the scented marker ink to completely come off of skin, depending on the brand.

One summer as a child my best friend insisted on drawing all over my arm with a magenta Mr. Sketch scented marker after swearing it would come off.

She didn't draw anything horrible, but even with a lot of washing and scrubbing with soap and water, the marker was still partially visible.

While faded, you could still definitely tell that she had drawn all over my arm; it took multiple days for it to completely fade.

The darker the marker, the longer it will likely take to completely wash off skin.

If your child is likely to draw all over themselves, you might not want to give them these markers, or at least limit them to lighter colors.

It doesn't hurt to give them a smock, either.

Prevention is easier than clean up.

Do scented markers bleed?

Scented markers can bleed, but the bleed is generally very light.

Scented markers are a fun way to add some personality to your notes and projects, but be careful not to let them get too close to the edge of your paper.

Most people seem to find that the bleed is barely noticeable (if at all), but it's always best to test a marker out on a small, inconspicuous area before using it for more important work.

Also, it can help to use thicker paper rather than thin paper; a lot of issues with bleeding can stem from having too thin of paper or going over an area too many times with a marker, over-saturating the page.

Can you blend scented markers?

You can try blending scented markers if you'd like.

There's likely to be some interesting scent combinations if you do.

Scented markers aren't particularly designed for blending, though, so it might not be the easiest task.

You might not enjoy some of the scent combinations, either, but you never know unless you try.

It might be best to experiment on scrap paper before implementing your color combinations on an art project.

What's the best way to draw with scented markers?

Scented markers can be a great way to add some extra creativity and whimsy to your drawings!

Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of your scented markers:

1. Choose the right paper.

When working with scented markers, it’s important to choose a paper that won’t absorb the scent too quickly.

Bonded or coated papers work well, as do specialty art papers designed for use with water-based media.

2. Add just a touch of scent.

It’s easy to go overboard with scented markers, so start by adding just a hint of scent to your drawings.

Once you get a feel for how much scent is released, you can add more if desired.

Too much scent can be overwhelming.

Try using scented markers with regular, coloring markers to create a nice balance.

3. Play and experiment with your markers before committing to any serious project, so you can get a feel for the markers and what you can achieve with them.

Do scented markers stain?

Scented markers tend to be washable since they tend to be child-focused, meaning they're less likely to stain.

However, these markers can stain surfaces if they are left unchecked.

With some easy preventative steps you can use your scented markers without worry.

Ground yourself in the basic mechanics of how scented markers work; they have a coloring agent that is held together by carbohydrates and oils.

When these markers come into contact with porous surfaces, the coloring agent seeps in and dries, trapped within the marks created.

To avoid staining issues with scented markers, be sure to store them properly; avoiding heat and light exposure will help keep their inks from drying out and becoming brittle.

Check for manufacturers' suggestions on how to best store your particular brand of marker.

When using scented markers on non-paper surfaces, test a small, inconspicuous area first to check for staining; if no staining occurs, continue with your project.

Scented markers can be a great way to add some extra personality to your art, but it’s important to use them safely and responsibly.

With a little bit of care, you can enjoy your scented markers without any problems.

What's the best paper to use with scented markers?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best paper to use with scented markers will vary depending on your specific needs and preferences.

However, we can recommend a few papers that are generally well suited for use with scented markers.

If you're looking for something that's more budget-friendly, a standard white copy paper should work well enough.

For a step up in quality, you could try a nice bond paper or even a watercolor paper.

If you really want to go all out, there are even specialty art papers designed specifically for use with water-based media, which would be ideal for scented markers.

No matter what paper you choose, just be sure to test it out with your markers before committing to any serious project.

Can you use scented markers on other surfaces than paper?

You can use scented markers on other surfaces than paper, such as wood or fabric.

However, the scent will not be as strong as when used on paper.

Scented markers are a fun way to add personality to your artwork or school projects.

They are also great for drawing attention to important notes or papers.

The downside is that the scent does not last as long when used on other surfaces than paper.

So, if you need the marker to have a stronger scent, it is best to use it on paper.

Plus, the marker ink might not bond as well to other surfaces.

You're best bet is to use scented markers on paper, but if you want to try another surface, run a test before committing to a project to make sure you can achieve the desired results.

When did scented markers come out?

The first scented markers came out in the 20th century.

Mr. Sketch's scented markers came out in 1965 and swiftly became a classroom staple.

Scented markers quickly became popular, especially with children and young adults, because of their fun and colorful designs.

These markers are still popular today and can be found in most stationary stores.

Scented markers are a fun way to add some personality to your artwork.

They've been around for decades and continue to be popular today.

So, if you're looking for a way to add some extra flair to your art, pick up a set of scented markers and give them a try.

How many Mr. Sketch scents are there?

With scents that inspire creative coloring for decades, Mr. Sketch offers an exciting array of colorful aromas.

They offer thick barrel markers with a chisel tip that delivers a variety of line widths, fine point markers, and even scented crayons.

Drawing thick lines or thin, you can create cinnamon scented giraffes, orange coated airplanes, and bold strokes of raspberry, watermelon, and apple.

There are a growing list of scented markers from Mr. Sketch.

The original 12 scents included a lot of fruity smells:

  • Raspberry
  • Watermelon
  • Cherry
  • Orange
  • Banana
  • Apple
  • Blueberry
  • Grape
  • Fruit punch
  • Mint
  • Cinnamon Licorice

Newer sets have additional scents; there are at least 22 different marker scents today.

The newer scents include:

  • Cosmic pink lemonade
  • Galactic fruit punch
  • Black raspberry moon rocks
  • Blue slushy
  • Root beer
  • Smokey cinnamon rocket fuel
  • Pineapple shooting star
  • Rotten melon alien ooze
  • Buttery popcorn
  • Nacho cheese

The newer scents tend to have longer names.

Mr. Sketch also is open to new scent suggestions, so if you have a great idea, feel free to reach out and contact them!

The Best Scent Markers for You

So, what is the perfect set for your needs?

After hours of research reading thousands of Amazon customer reviews, we’ve found the top picks for all levels of artists, creators, and hobbyists.

Whether you're a beginner, professional, or somewhere in-between, there is a set perfect for your needs!

Hopefully, our findings will help you make an informed decision, so you can walk away happy with your art supplies!

Whichever set you choose, we hope you have fun exploring the world of scented markers!

Don't forget to tap the button to check Amazon for the best prices on scented markers!

Thanks for reading and here's to your aromatic, new art!

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