Eager to tap into a peaceful state of mind?

Crystal meditation is a great way to achieve a state of peace and relaxation.

It can be used as a form of self-care, or to help clear the mind before bed.

If you're new and want to meditate with crystals, this beginner's guide will walk you through everything you need to know to get started with this popular form of meditation.

You'll learn about the different types of crystals that can be used for meditation, how to choose the right one for you, and how to set up your practice space.

If you're ready to de-stress and relax, keep reading to learn everything you need to know about crystal meditation for beginners!

What is Crystal Meditation?

Crystal meditation is a type of mindfulness meditation that incorporates ancient wisdom and involves focusing on a particular crystal or stone.

The idea is that the crystal will help to focus and amplify your thoughts and intentions.

It's a great way for a person to find inner peace and happiness, despite the craziness that can be found in the world, as well as help inspire personal growth.

Crystals are often used for crystal healing and creating a crystal grid.

Crystal meditation can be done with any type of crystal, but some people prefer to use crystals that are aligned with their specific intention for the meditation.

For example, if you're looking to connect with your intuition and crown chakra, you might choose to meditate with amethyst.

One of the best crystals that promotes peace, mindfulness, and understanding is celestite, so this is an awesome crystal to use while meditating.

If you want to strengthen your solar plexus chakra, use chakra meditation crystals like citrine or tigers eye.

Working with the third eye chakra can be done with crystals like sodalite or lapis lazuli.

If you're hoping to release anxiety, rose quartz might be a good choice.

Clear quartz is a popular choice because it is thought to be a master healer and can be used for any intention.

The clear quartz crystal also is great for amplifying the healing powers of other crystals.

The type of crystal you choose is entirely up to you; each has its own healing properties that can assist in your meditation session.

Choosing Your Crystal for Meditation

The first step in starting your crystal meditation practice is to choose a crystal that resonates with you.

There are many different types of crystals and stones to choose from, so it's important to take some time to research which particular crystals would be the best fit for your needs.

You can even use orgonite in your meditations.

Whether you want to work with a crystal like smoky quartz or imbue positive energy into your throat chakra, there's a crystal for the job!

You can also ask a friend, family member, or certified crystal healer who is familiar with crystals for recommendations.

You can also check out our articles on different crystals and their healing energy benefits to help you choose the right one for your meditation practice!

Cleansing Your Crystal

Once you've chosen a crystal, it's time to cleanse it.

Cleansing your crystal will remove any negative energy that it has picked up from its previous owners or from its environment.

There are many different ways to cleanse a crystal, but one of the simplest is to hold it under running water for a few minutes.

You need to be careful with this cleansing method, though, because some crystals, like selenite, can dissolve in water.

If you're not sure whether or not your crystal is water-safe, it's best to consult a crystal expert or crystal book before cleansing it.

You can also cleanse your crystal by placing it in direct sunlight or moonlight for several hours.

Smudging is another popular method of cleansing crystals.

To smudge your crystal, simply light a sage stick or Palo Santo stick and waft the smoke around your crystal until it is fully engulfed.

Then, allow the smoke to clear before using your crystal for meditation.

Charging Your Crystal

After you've cleansed your crystal, it's time to charge it.

Charging your crystal will infuse it with your own personal energy and intention.

To charge your crystal, hold it in your hand and focus on your intention for the meditation.

Visualize your intention as a white light entering the crystal and filling it up.

You can also say your intention out loud while you're charging your crystal.

Once you feel like the crystal is charged, it's ready to use in your meditation practice!

Set Up Your Meditation Space

Now that you've chosen and charged your crystal, it's time to set up your meditation space.

Find a quiet space in your home where you won't be disturbed for the duration of your meditation.

You might want to light some candles or incense to set the mood.

To set the mood further you might want to play relaxing music using an app or use a singing bowl.

Ensuring you have a comfortable meditation is important, so that you can focus on your practice and eliminate distractions.

Meditating with Your Crystal

Now that your crystal is cleansed and ready to use, it's time to learn how to meditate with it.

Start by finding a comfortable place to sit or lie down where you won't be disturbed.

If you're using larger crystals, you can place crystals in front of you.

If you're using a smaller crystal, you can hold it in your hand.

Once you're settled in, close your eyes.

Take a few deep breaths and allow yourself to relax.

Once you're feeling calm, begin focusing on your breath and count each inhale and exhale.

Allow your thoughts to come and go without judgement.

If your mind starts to wander, simply bring your focus back to your breath.

Once you've reached a state of relaxation, start visualizing your intention for the meditation.

See yourself achieving your goal or manifesting your desire.

Visualize the white light from your intention charging your crystal and amplifying your visualization.

Allow yourself to get lost in the image and really feel the emotions of achieving your goal.

Continue meditating for 5-10 minutes, or longer if you'd like.

When you first start meditating, it's okay to start small and work your way up to longer meditation sessions.

When you're ready to come out of the meditation, slowly open your eyes and take a few deep breaths.

Give yourself a few minutes to adjust to being back in the present moment before getting up.

Start Meditating with Crystals

Crystal meditation is a great way to focus and amplify your thoughts and intentions.

It's important to choose healing crystals that resonate with you and cleanse it before use.

Once you've done that, you can charge your crystal with your intention and set up your meditation space.

If you're looking to bring peace and mindfulness into your life, crystal meditation is a great place to start!

So, what are you waiting for?

Pick out your perfect crystal and get started on your meditation journey today!

Want to learn more about crystal meditation? Check out Indigo The Heart Healer's video!


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