If you're new to the world of embroidery, you might be wondering what embroidery floss is and how to use it in your projects.

While you might think it's just thread, but there's actually a lot more to know about embroidery floss before you can start stitching away!

Embroidery floss is one of the most important tools in an embroiderer's toolkit.

With so many colors and types of floss available, it can be tricky to know where to start.

This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about embroidery floss.

We'll discuss what types of floss are available, how to choose the right color, and how to use it effectively.

Let's get started!

What is Embroidery Thread?

Embroidery floss is a type of thread that is specifically designed for hand embroidery.

It is usually made from cotton or rayon, and it comes in a wide variety of colors.

Floss is typically sold in skeins, which are small bundles of thread.

Each skein contains six strands of floss that can be separated and used individually.

You will often see embroidery floss referred to as "stranded cotton" or "embroidery thread."

Embroidery threads often come in 6-strand form that is loosely twisted, making them stronger than standard thread or other threads.

This means that the thread is made up of 6 smaller strands that can be separated and used individually.

The 6-strand form is the most versatile, as it can be used for a variety of stitch types and thicknesses.

However, you may also come across 4-strand and 8-strand embroidery floss.

4-strand and 8-strand floss can be used for certain types of stitches, but they are not as versatile as 6-strand floss.

Types of Embroidery Floss

There are two main types of embroidery floss: stranded cotton and pearl cotton.

Stranded cotton is the most common type of embroidery floss, and it consists of six strands of thread that can be divided into smaller groups of strands depending on the thickness of the stitch you're trying to create.

Pearl cotton, on the other hand, is a thicker type of thread that is typically used for decorative stitches.

It comes in sizes ranging from 3 to 12, with size 12 being the thickest.

Mercerized cotton is a type of stranded cotton that has been treated with a chemical process that makes it stronger and more lustrous.

It is often used for cross-stitch and other types of embroidery that require a strong, durable thread.

Cotton embroidery floss is the best choice for most projects, but pearl cotton can be used for certain types of designs.

Cotton floss is available in a wide variety of colors, such as metallic threads, so you're sure to find the perfect shade for your needlework projects.

How to Choose the Right Color

With so many colors of floss available, it can be tricky to choose the right one for your project.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the perfect color:

  • Consider the fabric you're using.

If you're stitching on a dark fabric, you'll want to use a light-colored thread so that your stitches are visible.

On the other hand, if you're stitching on a light fabric, you can use a dark-colored thread to create a more striking design.

  • Think about the overall look you're trying to achieve.

If you want your stitches to blend in with the fabric, choose a thread color that is similar to the fabric's color.

If you want your stitches to stand out, choose a contrasting color.

  • Don't be afraid to experiment!

Try out different colors to see what looks best with your fabric and design.

How to Use Embroidery Floss

The first thing you need to do before you start stitching is to separate the strands of thread.

For stranded cotton, you will typically want to use three strands for most stitches.

Once you have separated the threads, thread your needle and knot the end.

Then, simply start stitching!

If you're not sure what kind of stitch to use, there are plenty of resources available online or in your local craft store that can help get you started.

Some basic stitches include the straight stitch, the chain stitch, and the French knot.

As you become more comfortable with embroidery, you can experiment with different stitches to create unique and interesting designs.

Practice makes perfect, so don't be discouraged if your first few stitches aren't perfect.

Keep at it, and soon you'll be a pro!

Choosing Your Embroidery Floss

Embroidery floss is a versatile and fun material to use in your crafting projects, from normal embroidery to cross-stitching!

With so many colors and types available, there is sure to be the perfect floss for your next project.

We hope this blog post has helped demystify embroidery floss for you!

Keep the above tips in mind when choosing your floss, and have fun experimenting with different stitches.

Now that you know what embroidery floss is and how to use it, you're ready to start your next embroidery project with confidence.

Go grab some embroidery floss and get started!

Want to learn more about embroidery floss? Check out Sarah Homfray Embroidery's video!

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