Have you ever wondered if it’s okay to mix different crystals together?

The answer is, it depends.

Some crystals work well together because they complement each other’s energies.

Other crystals should not be mixed because their energies clash.

In this blog post, we’ll explore which crystals work well together and which ones should be kept separate.

Meanings of Crystals

Each type of crystal has it's own unique meaning and healing properties; crystals are full of positive energy, making them great for crystal healing.

Some crystals are known for their ability to cleanse and purify negative energies.

Other crystals promote love, joy, and happiness.

Still others help to relieve anxiety, stress, and tension.

The quartz family is one of the most versatile groups of crystals because they can be used for just about anything.

One of the most popular crystals is clear quartz.

Clear quartz is known as the “master healer” because it can be used to amplify the energies of other crystals.

Smoky quartz is another popular quartz crystal.

Smokey quartz is known for its ability to cleanse and purify negative energy.

Rose quartz is the crystal of love.

It promotes unconditional love, joy, and happiness.

Black tourmaline is a powerful crystal that is known for its ability to protect against negative energies, while pink tourmaline promotes love and compassion.

Red jasper is a calming and stabilizing crystal that helps to relieve anxiety, stress, and tension, while yellow jasper is a crystal of joy and happiness.

Other healing crystals, like lapis lazuli, amethyst, and turquoise, are also popular.

Knowing the meaning of each crystal is important when deciding which crystal combination can be created together.

Do: Combine Crystals with Similar Energies

One of the best ways to determine if two crystals will work well together is to see if they have similar energies.

For example, rose quartz and amethyst are both gentle, calming stones.

Pairing crystals like these will create a serene, tranquil energy.

Another example is combining citrine with carnelian.

Both of these stones are associated with the solar plexus chakra, which is the energy center that governs confidence and self-esteem.

When these two stones are combined, they can help boost your confidence and give you the motivation you need to achieve your goals.

Other examples include:

There are many crystal combinations that work great together, so it's a great idea to put together a crystal team to help you with whatever you're working on.

Do your research to find out which crystals have compatible energies, and then let your intuition guide you to the perfect combination.

Don’t: Combine Crystals with Opposing Energies

Just as there are some crystals that work well together because their energies are complementary, there are also some crystals that should not be combined because their energies are in conflict.

For example, it's best not to combine hematite with amethyst.

Hematite is a grounding stone that helps anchor you in the present moment.

Amethyst is a spiritual stone that helps you connect with your higher self.

These two stones have opposite energies, and when they're combined, they can cancel each other out.

Another example is combining tourmaline with shiva lingam.

Tourmaline is a stone that helps you release negativity and cleanse your aura.

Shiva lingam is a stone that helps you connect with your higher power.

Again, these two stones have opposite energies, so they should not be combined.

Other examples of crystals with opposing energies include:

  • combining jet with rose quartz
  • combining fire agate with turquoise
  • combining opal with peridot

If you're not sure whether two crystals have compatible energies, it's always best to err on the side of caution and keep them separate.

Also, keep in mind that too many crystals with similar energies can create an overwhelming energy.

For example, combining too many stones that are associated with the solar plexus chakra can create an overstimulated energy that can make you feel scattered and disconnected.

When in doubt, it's best to consult a trusted crystal expert or your intuition.

There are also plenty of crystals books, guides, and online resources that can help you learn more about which crystals work well together.

Bottom line: when it comes to combining crystals, there are no hard and fast rules.

The best way to determine if two crystals will work well together is to do your research, trust your intuition, and consult an expert if you're unsure.

Combining Crystals for Powerful Intentions

So, should you mix different crystals together?

It depends on the specific stones involved and what energies you want to create.

If you want to create a calm, serene energy, then combine gentle, calming stones like rose quartz and amethyst.

If you want to boost your confidence and motivation, then combine citrine with tiger's eye.

And if you're not sure, it's always best to err on the side of caution and keep them separate.

Now that you know which crystals work well together, it's time to start creating your own crystal combinations!

Experiment and have fun with it; trust your intuition and see what works best for you!

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