If you are an artist looking to take your creative pursuits further and need a reliable sketchbook, then look no more!

We've found the best A3 watercolor sketchbooks available, and they're absolutely perfect for whatever your artistic needs may be.

Tap into all of your creative juices and let your imagination run wild with these top-of-the line sketchbooks today!

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced artist, these A3 watercolor sketchbooks provide the ideal canvas for your work.

With various kinds and sizes of paper available, it’s easy to pick out the one just right for your artistic endeavors.

Their high-quality sheets are perfect for taking on watercolors and other wet media so that you can bring your artwork to life in vivid color!

It's time to unleash your creative spark with these A3 watercolor sketchbooks!

Whether you're in search of inspiration or wanting to jot down a masterpiece, these sketchpads are sure to keep all your ideas safe.

Boasting thick paper that can withstand multiple layers of paint and ink without warping or smudging, combined with strong binding so you don't lose any pages, they are ideal for budding artists on-the-go.

Plus, they're lightweight yet compact enough to fit into almost any bag!

For the artist looking to take their work to the next level, you're going to want to bring home these sketchbooks!

Built to last with plenty of space to get creative, you'll be able to find the perfect sketchbook for your needs, so you won't be disappointed.

From pencils to paints, let these premium quality sketchbooks be a vessel for unleashing your creativity with stunning results.

Prepare to create masterful works and get the top-of-the-line A3 watercolor sketchbooks on the market today!

How We Choose

Are you an artist looking for the perfect watercolor sketchbook? With so many brands and sizes available, it can be just plain daunting deciding which one will give you the best value for your money.

To help you make the right decision when purchasing a watercolor sketchbook, our team of art experts has sifted through hundreds of Amazon reviews to identify and bring you only the best of the best.

We've done all the heavy lifting so that your search for creativity is effortless!

You can now spend your time doing what you do best: creating art!

Create beautiful artwork with ease - all thanks to the perfect a3 watercolor sketchbooks!

Unleash your creative side without the hassle or expense of trial and error!

There's no need to to deal with guesswork or worry about wasted time and money - our team of experts have already identified the best sketchbooks for you.

Go ahead and explore your options; we've got you covered, so you enjoy an effortless shopping experience and start creating beautiful artwork right away!

Best Cold Press A3 Watercolor Sketchbook

Arches Watercolor Pad

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Why We Love It

Art fans, it's time to create stunning works of art with the top-grade Arches Watercolor Pad.

This A3 cold pressed paper is made from long fibers for an unbeatable texture and timeless beauty.

The natural grain is pH neutral, shining with no optical brightening agents added in!

On top of that, gelatin sizing extends throughout each sheet to the core, bringing out superior luster and transparency when you paint or draw on it, meaning a masterpiece awaits!

Perfect for beginners, experts, and everyone in between, the Arches Watercolor Pad is a phenomenal choice for any artist who wants to explore the world of watercolor!

If you're in search of a reliable sketchbook, this is it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get your hands on these top-grade A3 Watercolor Sketchbooks and unleash your creative side today!

What You Should Know

For passionate creatives who want to make the most out of their art, Arches Watercolor Pad is a phenomenal choice.

The paper features scratch and erase resistance without any tearing or linting, allowing for exceptional control when wet.

Additionally, its sizing makes blending, layering, and paint removal easy and effortless - both when wet or dry!

With an impressive history since 1492, this high-quality art paper will withstand time's test, so you won't have to worry about replacing it anytime soon.

Don't wait around; bring your very own Arches Watercolor Pad today and start a new masterpiece!

Best Fold Over A3 Watercolor Sketchbook

Canson XL Series Watercolor Sketchbook

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Why We Love It

Do you need a reliable paper for your watercolor projects?

Look no further than the Canson XL Series Watercolor Sketchbook!

Boasting a cold press texture and lasting durability, this fold over bound sketchbook provides 30 sheets of 12x18-inch, acid-free paper, providing enough space to create whatever masterpiece comes to mind.

Plus, with sustainable practices powering its manufacturing process and 450 years of experience at crafting fine art supplies behind it, you can trust that Canson is offering only the highest-quality product when you purchase their sketchbook.

If you're an artist looking for the perfect sketchbook to inspire your artwork, then the Canson XL Series Watercolor Sketchbook is definitely a great go-to!

So, don't wait around--get your Canson XL Series Watercolor Sketchbook today and start exploring the wonderful watercolor world!

What You Should Know

If you're in the hunt for a new sketchbook, then allow us to introduce you to the #1 Amazon Best Seller for watercolor paper: the Canson XL Series Watercolor Sketchbook.

Not only does it offer excellent value at an affordable price point, but its superior construction and heavier weight cover material make this essential art tool perfect for any student or enthusiast of middle school through college age.

The ideal paper for watercolor and wet media, its cold-press surface is ideal for creating your own unique piece of art.

Plus, its fold over bound design makes storing and carrying the sketchbook effortless, no matter where your creative journey takes you!

So, don't hesitate!

Purchase your Canson XL Watercolor Sketchbook today and unleash all that creative potential within!

Best Premium A3 Watercolor Sketchbook

Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook

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Why We Love It

The Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook is the perfect choice for watercolorists of all levels, and it's even been selected as Amazon's Choice for 12x18 watercolor paper!

This premium A3 sketchbook has a sturdy surface which allows you to lift and scrape with ease.

With its natural white color and classic cold press texture, this paper will give you flawless washes while helping you hone your technique or complete artwork that looks professional.

Perfect for drawing, sketching, and painting with watercolors and other wet media, this product is guaranteed to become your trusty companion for all your creative pursuits.

So, don't delay--pick up your Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook today and start expressing your creative vision in the highest quality!

What You Should Know

If your next art project requires a premium quality sketchbook, then the Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook is your go-to!

Advanced artists will love the Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook for its lovely surface that has just the right amount of texture and smoothness.

This paper can withstand plenty of water, multiple washes without tearing or stretching, as well as multi-temp blow dries while maintaining its original shape even after drying!

Its wire bound design makes it convenient to open and close and easy to store.

Add the Strathmore Watercolor Sketchbook to your supplies today and take your art to the next level!

Strathmore Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook

Best Student Grade A3 Watercolor Sketchbook

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Why We Love It

Get creative with Strathmore's Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook!

This cold-pressed paper utilizes a slightly textured surface that is perfect for any wet or dry art medium such as watercolor, tempera, acrylics, gouache and poster paint.

Constructed from superior materials to guarantee optimal results time after time; it has even earned the title of Amazon’s Choice for 11x15 watercolor pads, making it an ideal choice regardless of your experience level as an artist!

The ideal size and weight of the Strathmore Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook makes it easy to carry around in a handbag or even your pocket, meaning you will never miss out on a stroke of artistic inspiration!

It's time to bring your wildest imaginations to life; unleash all your inner creativity with the Strathmore Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook today!

What You Should Know

Elevate your artwork with Strathmore's Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook!

This exquisite product comes equipped with a strong back, and 15 sheets of 11" x 15" paper.

With this sketchbook you can start creating stunning works of art right away!

If you're a beginner, you'll love its sturdy surface that's perfect for testing out new techniques.

Great for student projects or on-the-go artistry, its lightweight and easy to carry design means you won't have to worry about carrying around too much weight.

Don't wait any longer to get started on your masterpiece — purchase the amazing Strathmore’s Student Grade Watercolor Sketchbook today!

Best Mixed Media A3 Watercolor Sketchbook

Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook

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Why We Love It

Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook is the ideal solution for any artist wanting to explore different mediums.

Its 98 lb paper and acid-free design make it great for scrapbooks, drawings, sketches, paintings - you name it!

Additionally its size makes architectural designs a breeze while being suitable with an array of art supplies.

This sketchbook has something special to offer both novice and experienced artists alike!

If you're an artist looking to blend different mediums into your works, the Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook is the perfect choice for you.

So, don't wait around; obtain your Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook today and see what kind of masterpieces you can create with it!

What You Should Know

Stop procrastinating and start creating!

The Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook is a must-have for creative minds.

Not only is it proudly made in the USA, but this 11x17 inch sketchbook also offers an acid-free design that's perfect for scrapbooking, archival use, architectural sketches and designs alike.

Plus, with its ability to be used with multiple art supplies - from amateur level to professional artists - you're sure to find something new each time you open your pages.

If you want to combine different mediums into a single piece - without any fear of smudging or tearing - this is the sketchbook for you!

Make today count and get yourself Amazon’s Choice for 11x17 watercolor sketchbooks, the Canson XL Mixed Media Sketchbook, now!

A3 Watercolor Sketchbooks FAQs

If you're looking for the ideal A3 Watercolor Sketchbook but don't know where to begin, we understand your struggle.

With so many options available from different brands, it can be intimidating!

You want a product that offers top-notch quality as well as value for money.

How do you make sure you get the right one?

Look no further - rest assured that we'll help guide you in your search.

To make your life easier when searching for and purchasing the right A3 watercolor sketchbook, we've gathered all of the frequently asked questions.

Make an informed decision, ensuring you get the perfect sketchbook to make all your artistic dreams come true!

With this information, you can arm yourself with everything you need to make the shopping experience the easiest and most enjoyable it's ever been!

What are some of the popular types of watercolor sketchbooks?

Watercolor sketchbooks are essential tools for any artist, allowing them to carry their thoughts and ideas with them wherever they go.

There are a variety of different types of watercolor sketchbooks available, each with their own unique features and benefits.

The most popular type is the traditional bound book.

These books feature pages that are glued or sewn together along the spine, making them highly durable and able to withstand repeated use without compromising on quality.

They come in various sizes from A4 to A2, so you can find one that suits your needs.

The size will also determine the weight and portability of the book.

The other popular type of watercolor sketchbook is the spiral-bound version.

These books have pages that are bound together using coils or spirals along the edges of the sheets.

This makes it easy for artists to tear out a page when necessary, giving them more freedom to experiment with different techniques and media.

Spiral-bound watercolor sketchbooks also allow pages to be rearranged more easily than traditional bound books.

These sketchbooks also come in different sizes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your needs.

Some creators adore the moleskine sketchbook options, which offer water-resistant paper, allowing for multiple layers of paint and ink without any worries.

A moleskine notebook also allows you to write on both sides of the page without any bleed-through or ghosting.

You can find hard cover and sturdy back cover versions of the sketchbook, depending on your preference.

The hard cover versions are more durable and offer more protection to the pages, which is great for traveling or taking your artwork on the go.

Finally, there are mixed media sketchbooks which are perfect for experimenting with a range of different media.

These sketchbooks come with a variety of surfaces, such as watercolor paper, heavyweight paper, and even vellum.

This makes them perfect for artists who want to work with different media without having to buy separate sketchbooks for each.

No matter what type of watercolor sketchbook you choose, you can be sure that it will provide the perfect canvas for your creative ideas and experiments.

So take the time to research and explore the various types of sketchbooks available, so you can find the perfect one for your art collection!

What type of paper should be used in an A3 watercolor sketchbook?

When choosing paper for an A3 watercolor sketchbook, it is important to pay attention to its weight and texture.

Generally speaking, heavier papers are better suited for watercolor painting as they hold up better during wetting and re-wetting of the colors.

They also have less chance of buckling or warping when drying.

The thickness of the paper will usually determine how much detail can be achieved in a painting, so thicker papers are often preferred.

The type of paper that is best suited to A3 watercolor sketchbooks depends on personal preference and the intended purpose.

If you plan on making detailed illustrations with a lot of color blending, then cold press paper with a smooth surface may be the right choice.

If you are looking to just sketch or do light washes, then hot press paper may be a better option due to its smoother surface that reduces friction between brush and page.

Hot press paper also results in brighter colors than cold press paper does.

However, if you want to experiment with different media like ink or pencils, then a more textured paper such as rough press paper would be recommended.

Rough press paper has a more absorbent surface that allows for easier blending and layering of colors, and makes it ideal for mixed media art.

Ultimately, it's important to experiment with different types of papers until you find one that meets your needs.

Doing so will help ensure that you get the most out of your sketchbook.

How much does an A3 watercolor sketchbook typically cost?

The cost of an A3 watercolor sketchbook can vary depending on the type and quality of paper used.

Generally speaking, you can expect to pay anywhere from $10-$50 for a quality sketchbook with high-grade paper suitable for watercolor paint.

The more expensive sketchbooks usually have better quality paper and come with a variety of textures and surfaces that are perfect for different types of media, such as ink, pencils, and watercolors.

Some books tend to come in larger sizes (e.g. A2 or larger) and feature a hardcover, making them more durable and ideal for painting outdoors.

It's also important to keep in mind that some sketchbooks come with additional features, such as a pocket for storing extra paper or tools, an elastic band or elastic closure, and similar items, making them more expensive but also more versatile.

In some cases, you may be able to find cheaper books with lower grade paper that are not best suited for actual painting.

No matter how tempting the cheaper price tag may be, it's important to note that the paper may be likely to warp or buckle when wet, or have a lesser quality that won't produce the desired results.

Be sure to check the quality specifications before buying as these books may not be worth the savings in the long run.

The size of the book can also affect its price, with larger A2 or A1 sketchbooks costing more than the smaller A3 size.

If budget is an issue, opting for a smaller size or swapping out traditional binding for spiral binding can help reduce cost.

So, if you are looking for a great sketchbook, it's best to do some research into the various brands and types of paper available.

This will help you get an idea of what your budget can buy, so you get the best value and quality for your money.

With a little research, you can find the perfect A3 watercolor sketchbook for your needs at a price that won't break the bank.

Are A3 watercolor sketchbooks easy to transport?

A3 watercolor sketchbooks tend to be quite bulky and heavy, making them difficult to transport.

The size of the book and its binding can also make it difficult to keep flat while painting or drawing.

If portability is important, then opting for a smaller size may be a better option.

As an alternative, many artists opt for loose sheets of paper instead of a traditional bound sketchbook as this allows them to easily remove any pages and carry only what they need.

When looking for an A3 watercolor sketchbook that is easy to transport, be sure to check the materials used including the weight of the paper and type of binding.

Spiral binding is often more suitable for portability as it allows the sketchbook to be completely flat when opened and can be bound in a way that allows the book to fold in half.

This makes it much more compact and easier to carry around without sacrificing on quality.

The weight of the paper is also important as heavier papers tend to be more durable and can withstand being folded or scrunched up without affecting the quality of the artwork.

When looking for an A3 watercolor sketchbook that is both portable and durable, it's important to consider the various features and materials used.

By doing so, you can make sure that you get the perfect sketchbook to fit your needs and create stunning results wherever you go.

With proper care and maintenance, even large size sketchbooks can be transported without too much trouble.

So, go ahead and explore the various A3 watercolor sketchbooks available to find the one that is perfect for your artwork!

Where can you find quality A3 watercolor sketchbooks?

Quality A3 watercolor sketchbooks are sold in most art supply stores, both online and in-store.

Many of these places sell a wide selection of these books with varying sizes, styles, and documents.

Online marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, also have a vast selection of these products at competitive prices from a variety of sellers, with some even being from the United Kingdom.

Shopping online can be beneficial as customers can compare prices to get the best deal possible.

They also have access to more specialized products that may not be readily available in a physical store.

For those who prefer to purchase individual supplies rather than pre-made sets with paints and palettes, buying supplies separately can be an option.

Sites like Blick Art Materials offer high-quality paper suitable for watercolor painting that can be purchased in bulk and assembled into sketchbooks.

Other arts and crafts stores, like Michaels and Hobby Lobby, may also carry supplies needed for watercolor sketchbooks.

In addition to physical stores, there are a variety of websites dedicated to watercolor supplies that may carry the exact item needed.

These websites often have detailed product descriptions and reviews to help customers make an informed decision.

Overall, there are many places to find quality A3 watercolor sketchbooks for the artist looking for a perfect canvas for their art.

Shopping in person or online can be beneficial as there are a variety of options available, from pre-made sets to individual supplies.

By researching the available products, artists can make sure they are getting the best quality at an affordable price.

No matter which option is chosen, be sure to check the quality specifications of the product to ensure it meets your standards.

This will help make sure you get the right sketchbook to bring your artistic vision to life!

What size is A3 watercolor sketchbook?

An A3 watercolor sketchbook is typically around 11x17 inches or 11.7 x 16.5 inches (297mm x 420mm).

When compared to other paper sizes, this size is slightly larger than A4 but smaller than A2.

These sketchbooks are ideal for artists who want a larger working space or need to paint or draw large-scale items with high detail and precision.

A3 watercolor sketchbooks are also designed to fit easily into bags or backpacks, making them easier to transport when going on outdoor painting trips.

The thick cardstock used in the binding and covers make these books durable enough to withstand wear and tear, while the quality of the paper ensures it is suitable for use with wet media such as watercolors without too much risk of warping or distortion.

Overall, A3 watercolor sketchbooks provide the perfect amount of space for artists to create their masterpieces.

The larger size allows for more details and finer brush strokes, while the thick cardstock prevents it from getting damaged during transport.

This makes them an ideal choice for any artist looking to create beautiful artwork.

Does the type of binding affect the performance of a watercolor sketchbook?

The type of binding used in a watercolor sketchbook can have a major impact on its performance.

Traditional stitched binding often causes warping or distortion of the paper during heavy wet media applications, as the stitches tend to become loose over time.

Saddle stitching is much less prone to these issues, as long as the threads used in the binding are strong and durable.

Spiral binders can also provide extra flexibility while allowing pages to lay flat while open.

The thickness of the paper used in a watercolor sketchbook can also determine its performance.

Thinner papers won’t be able to stand up to heavy applications without warping or rippling, so thicker papers should be chosen for better results and longer lasting quality.

The surface texture of the paper can also affect its performance.

Smooth surfaces may be better for blending and detail work, while rougher surfaces may be better for creating textures.

By taking all of these factors into consideration, an artist can choose a binding and paper type that will provide the best performance for their watercolor sketchbook.

With so many options available on the market today, it pays to do some research into which products would best suit your needs before making a purchase.

By properly assessing the quality and features of a watercolor sketchbook, you can ensure that you invest in one that will provide you with great results for years to come.

Are there any tips for using A3 watercolor sketchbooks?

A3 watercolor sketchbooks are perfect for artists looking for a larger working space.

Here are some tips to get the most out of your A3 watercolor sketchbook:

  • Always use high quality, lightfast paints and pigments for your artwork.

The paper used in A3 sketchbooks is designed to handle heavy applications of wet media without warping or distortion, but using low quality paints can still damage the paper over time.

  • Experiment with different binding styles to find which one works best for you.

Saddle stitching is often a good option for watercolor sketchbooks due to its flexibility and durability, but spiral binding can also be useful if you need pages to lie flat while open.

  • If possible, try out the paper in advance before committing to a particular brand or type of A3 watercolor sketchbook.

Different brands may have slightly different textures and weights, so it’s best to research each product carefully before making a purchase.

  • Take care when transporting your sketchbook.

Avoid folding the paper in half as this can cause distortion and warping of the paper.

If you need to carry your sketchbook outdoors, be sure to use a protective cover or bag to keep it safe.

By following these tips, you can ensure that your A3 watercolor sketchbook provides you with the best results.

What's the best way to use a watercolor sketchbook?

Using a watercolor sketchbook is an important part of any artist’s creative process, and there are a few key tips to make the most out of your experience.

First, always look for high quality paper when selecting a sketchbook.

Thicker paper types tend to handle wet media better than thinner options, so go with something that can stand up over time.

In addition, consider the type of binding used, as stitched bindings may cause warping and distortion in heavier applications.

Second, it's important to take care of your watercolor sketchbook.

Make sure to store it somewhere secure and dry when not in use, away from direct sunlight which can fade or discolor the artwork inside.

If you plan on taking your sketchbook outside or traveling with it, look for one made from archival grade materials to ensure long-term protection for your work.

When using your sketchbook, be sure to use lightfast paints and pigments for the best results.

Feel free to experiment with other types of watercolor media because they come in a nice variety.

You can find watercolor pencil sets, watercolor crayons, watercolor pen and marker sets, liquid watercolors, and even watercolor inks.

By following these tips you can ensure that your watercolor sketchbook stays safe and provides years of reliable use for all your creative needs.

With these tips in mind, you can get the most out of your watercolor sketchbook and create beautiful artwork that will last for years to come, so go ahead and explore the wonderful possibilities of watercolor painting!

How can you create your own watercolor sketchbook?

Creating your own watercolor sketchbook is a great way to customize the creative experience and have a unique piece of artwork in your home.

Here are some tips to help you get started:

Watercolor paper, binding materials (such as twine or thread), scissors, adhesive of your choice, and any additional decorations you may want to add.

Be sure to pick out a paper weight that will handle wet media well, such as a 300gsm or 400gsm.

  • Paper prep:

Cut the papers into the desired sizes before binding them into the journal.

You can use multiple pieces of paper for each page to give yourself more space for larger works.

  • Binding:

Once all the papers are cut, it’s time to bind them together using thread or twine.

If you want an extra pop of color or texture, consider adding some fabric decorations around the edges of the book cover with glue or tape.

  • Finishing touches:

Finally, you can customize your sketchbook with any additional decorations or embellishments of your choice.

You may also want to add a few pages of blank paper at the end of the book in case you need extra space for notes or ideas.

By following these steps, you can create a unique and customized watercolor sketchbook that will help bring your creative vision to life and that is perfect for expressing yourself through art!

So, go ahead and grab your supplies, and get started on creating your own beautiful watercolor sketchbook!

You’ll be amazed at the stunning results you can achieve!

The Best A3 Watercolor Sketchbook for You

When it comes to choosing the best A3 watercolor sketchbook, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, these sketchbooks have all the features you need to create amazing works of art.

Let these top-of-the-line sketchbooks help you create breathtaking works of art!

If you're in search of an excellent sketchbook that can put up with everything from watercolor washes to dramatic brush marks, explore the highest-rated A3 watercolor sketchbooks featured in our selection.

With the right supplies, you’ll be able to create beautiful art that will stand the test of time!

So, go ahead and pick the sketchbook that's right for you and unleash your creativity!

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